Tuesday, February 16, 2010


You should begin this post by singing the song, "If I had a million dollars..." because if I did, I'd have Duff from Ace of Cakes make my wedding cake. But, that is not the case. And we'll be having cupcakes.

In planning we originally thought a selection of 8-10 appetizers would work. However, after some research and discussing pricing we realized we could serve something yummy, simple and remain within our budget. We will be having pulled pork (bbq on the side), cheesy potatoes, green beans and dinner rolls. We will also have a Cosmopolitan Punch - for those that know me well, would you expect anything else?? Josh and I's favorite lets-pretend-we're-still-young shot - JagerBombs, a selection of wines and of course a keg of beer. Lemonade, tea and water will be available as well.

We're looking forward to the reception and celebrating with all of you!

Please don't forget to include artists and songs in your RSVP!!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

How to RSVP...

The information is listed over on the sidebar, but it seemed easier to have a post right here at the top now that the invites are out....


or our cell phone numbers are in the invite and I'm not posting them here for obvious reasons.

Please include everyone's names that will be attending, including kids.

And please, please, please make some music suggestions. We want to know what you'd like to dance to with us.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I should have double checked but I didn't and my invite has the wrong address for the reception location. My directions below are correct, just the address is wrong.

The correct address is 242 South Huntington Street.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A little about our wedding party....

We may not be as stylin' as the people in that picture, but we'll look pretty darn good I'm sure. We thought it would be a good idea to talk about our wedding party members because most of family and friends probably don't know them very well, if at all.

We'll start with the guys...

This is Telly. Josh first met Telly around 1989 when he moved North to attend high school while living with his mom. From day one Josh and Telly hit it off. They share many interests, some of which we'll not mention here.

The two of them have many stories of bonfires, guitars, and good times. Over the course of their friendship, they've remained close even though Josh moved back to Akron. They are both proud fathers and excellent friends.

As you can see from this picture, Telly has a passion for music. He writes, plays, sings and
truly has a gift. Hopefully, he will never put his guitar down.

This is Robbie (the one on the left). In searching through pictures of Rob it became evident he is rarely alone, so it seemed fitting to use a picture of him and Amanda.

Josh and Robbie met their Sophomore year of high school and became great friends. Rob and his entire family played host to weekend after weekend on the lake. They may as well have adopted Josh. Rob is always smiling and is the only guy that you will never see mad.

Rob, like Telly, has a passion for music and the three of them spent countless nights around a campfire with guitars, watching the sun go down and sun come back up. Rob is also a proud father and the type of friend anyone would be proud to have.

Now onto the girls....

This is Stef. Jill and Stef became friends on December 30, 2005. Yes, we remember the exact date. The details of our friendship are simply ones of fate. In discussing putting this post up Stef's requirement was that it had to be a good picture. This picture kinda expresses Stef exactly.

She's happy, blonde and loves her big yellow dog...er horse, Sisco. She's the kind of friend that will bring you a chic flick and warm, gooey chocolate cake at 9:30 at night simply because you need it. Jill and Stef spend most of their time together laughing at things no one else can decipher. They have their own language... Stillyness. Stef's is a wonderful, friend, wife, and mother. Stef is also the reason that Josh and Jill met. She worked her matchmakin' voodoo and the rest is history.

This is Sherry. Jill and Sherry met in the very cliche way that epitomizes the early 2000s.... in a chatroom on Myspace. We hit it off laughing while both stuck in our respective homes. Her's a basement apartment in Brooklyn, New York and she had a broken foot. Jill was in Rochester, Indiana, a recent single mom. Both of them looking for some simple adult conversation. Who would think there would be such a wonderful friendship lurking in a chatroom.

Sherry is a world traveler. She takes risks and lives life to the fullest. She is loving and possesses that thing that draws people to her. She will answer her phone at 3am and fly to Indiana to spend a few days in the cornfields.

Sherry is traveling from from New York to stand up in the wedding. In a world where people lose contact so easily, Sherry is going to be around for the long haul. Even it means a few plane tickets for the rest of our lives.


We realize this is a bit unconventional. We don't expect a gift, and are happy to celebrate with you regardless. But if you choose to celebrate by a gift, we wanted your gift to be used and appreciated in the best way possible. We have both been out on our own for quite sometime, and started our own households before merging into one household. So registering for the typical, getting started, home necessities seemed unnecessary and wasteful. For our guests who were wondering what to get an already established couple, the honeymoon registry seemed fitting. We would both like to say that we do not expect gifts. But if you choose, this provides you the opportunity to give us something we will enjoy and remember for the rest of our lives. Just click the link above to see our registry. Thanks!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Join us in celebrating.......our way

In planning our wedding, we knew we didn't want anything overly done, too stuffy, or boring. We wanted something that represented us, was fun, yet something that embraced our love and the commitment we are making to each other and our children. This is the central reason we decided to have a wedding that included our friends and family. There was a discussion or two about Vegas and a midget Elvis marrying us, but that seemed a little cliche to us.

We want everyone to enjoy themselves in celebrating with us. We are happier than we've ever been, and we wanted to share this with all of you. Our ceremony will be filled with our large families, which both have roots in Kentucky. We have friends traveling from New York, Lagrange, Indianapolis, and closer to home. We are blessed with so many people that love us and can't wait to share our day with all of you.

Our reception will be held in Wabash and filled with more fun. We are planning on appetizers and a couple signature drinks for those that chose to celebrate by raising a glass or two. We will also have kid friendly choices for our smaller guests and for those that don't drink or wish to be the ride home. We encourage all of you to please take care in your travels and if you need a ride, we have enough family and friends to get you where you need to go safely. We included accommodation information in your invitations and want all of you to get back to your own families so take advantage of these places.

We will have dancing, of course. When you RSVP to us, we want to know what you'd like to hear and dance to. This included the kids too. We're not above dancing to Miley Cyrus. Well, Jill isn't anyway. Although we may have to draw the line at Jonas Brothers. Send your RSVP to joshandjillgetmarried@gmail.com.

Our Family

We met when Stef decided to play matchmaker. She called me at work on a Friday afternoon and told me that she wanted me to come meet her horse, Sisco, because I hadn't been to see him yet. I thought nothing of this because, well, I hadn't been to see her horse she'd had for a few months. That all changed when we got to the barn and she introduced me to Josh. I had the kids with me and although he had plans to go out with the boys, he stayed around and gave us all horse rides. The next week Josh and I had our first date at Stef and Rusty's house... and we've been inseparable ever since.

Our kids have always been a central focus in our lives. Many of you know what Josh was going through that fall, and regardless of that chaos, he lived his life and made plans with them as his first thought. When we finally had all 4 kids together in the same house, we knew this was our family now.

Emma is the oldest at 10.5 years and 4 minutes. She is the mother-hen and keeps them all in line. Xander is 10.5 years and is the jokester older brother type. Mitchell is 7 and keeps up with the big kids, sometimes to their dismay. Emilee is 6 and while small, and the youngest wields her bossy pants like a pro. Our boys are book-ended by their sisters, and trust me, they need them there.

The kids will be in the wedding and all are excited to be dressed up and included. The girls are more excited, of course. And I'm having a ball shoe shopping for little girls.